Personalised Laptop Stand

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Working from home? Jumping from cafe to shared workspace?

Looking for an affordable gift for your co-workers or clients?

This little guy is a great addition to ergonomic-ify your workspace, no matter where you are!

Portable, lightweight and easy to assemble.

Made from recyclable materials | Choose from two branding options


 Suitable for laptops between 13 - 15 inches.


Why do I need a laptop stand? We are so glad you asked!

  • It brings the screen to eye-level, improving your seated posture (win!)
  • It takes the pressure off your wrists, improving typing ergonomics (win!)
  • Improves your webcam angle (we all want to look good on Zoom, right?!) (win-win!)
  • Prevents laptop overheating and improves performance (win!)
  • It's light, portable, collapsible - make any space a comfy workspace! (win-win!)